How it works in 30 seconds!

We love finding ways to make painting easier.

That’s why we invented the Brukon Brush Cleaner

It’s the worst part of the day – cleaning up after the painting’s done. Nobody loves it. But nobody seemed to have a solution to it that was cost effective and quick either… So we put our heads to it, and came up with the Brukon Brush Container: a brilliantly simple idea that not only cleans brushes, but can store them indefinitely. It does so using less cleaning fluid than other methods, and without AC power. In fact it’s a total cleaning and storage solution for paintbrushes of all sizes, and for painting of all kinds.

The secret of its success is the way in which the specially designed container and its suspension lid harness the natural wicking action of the cleaning fluid, drawing it up into the bristles and pulling the paint down out of the brush, while simultaneously suspending it above the sludge collector at the bottom. The lid also virtually eliminates evaporation and spillage, making the container an ideal storage unit – for years if need be.

The patented lid and collar washers also perform brilliantly as drip guards when left on the brush while you’re painting – especially on overhead jobs.

But we didn’t stop there. As professional painters for over 30 years, we understood the need to clean and store multiple brushes at the same time. So we designed the containers to snap together and become an easy-to-transport unit, making cleanup on the job a no-mess, no-fuss affair. We even added carry handles.

We’re proud to offer the Brukon Brush Cleaning System at a unit price that’s roughly equivalent to the cost of a quality brush – making it a very cost effective solution that saves time, saves resources and helps save the environment too. We like to say it pays for itself the very next time you don’t buy a brush!

Happy painting!

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