30+ trades can share the benefit of
The BruKon Brush Cleaning & Storage System

Tradies love BruKon! The applications for this amazing container are many. It’s so versatile it should be in every tradies kit.

1. Painters clean multiple brushes at the same time with BruKon six-packs…

  • BruKon allows rotation of acrylic brushes –preventing them drying out
  • BruKon provides brush storage and it keeps them soft and ready for use today, tomorrow, and in the ..
  • BruKon lets you clean and store acrylic and enamel brushes side by side
  • BruKon stores them to travel well!

The BruKon container isn’t just for cleaning brushes, it’s designed to hold certain materials too – like dusting powders, oils, antiseptic solutions, agricultural medicine and chemicals – for direct application.

2. Furniture makers use BruKon to clean their varnish brushes… and it’s just as effective with paint and glue brushes

Furniture makers use acrylic and oil-based varnishes and lacquers – they can be cleaned and stored side by side in BruKon.

3. Boat builders use BruKon for many applications

4. Gardeners apply weedkiller with BruKon…

A brush can be more effective than a ‘wand’ for hard to reach areas where poison is needed. Gardeners use commercial droppers for precise root-killing, and for administering plant food. Droppers can be stored easily as a brushes in BruKon.

5. Mechanics of all kinds brush lubricant on moving parts: easier with a BruKon

Using synthetic and oil-based lubricants, the BruKon 6 pack makes it easy to store each material, easily labelled and accessible,

6. Auto mechanics use BruKon to slap on lube – quicker and easier to get into tight spots

Furniture makers use acrylic and oil-based varnishes and lacquers – they can be cleaned and stored side by side in BruKon.

7. Tyre depots – Use BruKon to brush on tyre sealants…

Lubricate bearings and other moving parts –a brush kept lubed and handy in.

8. Auto detailers use brushes to apply tyre black, silicone liquid wax application and other cosmetic products…

9. Bike repairers brush oil on chains and running gear using BruKon…

They keep a brush handy for paint touch-ups & leave the brush safe in BruKon

10. Wall paper hangers use brushes to apply the glue and BruKon to store the brushes

So they can get hanging straight away the brushes will be ready for the next use.

11. Roofers use BruKon to loosen stubborn bitumen off the brush and store it for next time

Otherwise it’s nearly always a brush throw away job with bitumen; anti- rust – roofing paints – different brushes side by side in separate BruKon container.

12. Carpenters use various wood glues for joining timber

Store the glue brush to clean and remain usable in BruKon. They prime and paint surfaces using oil and acrylic products – then clean & store their brushes quickly in separate BruKon containers

13. Arborists use brushes to apply sealant to protect lopped off bows & to store substances.

BruKon is the easiest way to clean and store the brush & also keep it sterile.

14. Artists can drill extra holes in the BruKon lid to accommodate more and different size brushes and other tools of the trade

15. Concreters paint concrete with brushes and store them in BruKon

Brush on powdered colourants directly out of a BruKon container, for an even spread.

16. Pet groomers use BruKon to brush on shampoos and flea treatments

17. Plumbers brush on glues, sealants, lubricants, and paints

With brushes in BruKon containers ready and always on the go.

18. Glaziers clean off oily putty marks using a brush in a BruKon with a little soapy liquid

BruKon keeps their ‘whiting’ powder dry and ready to use as well. It can be used for cerium oxide when removing scratches; Diamond coolant, and more. Glaziers keep an oil soaked brush and a BruKon handy to lubricate aluminium hinges, spigots for doors, handles and latches.

19. Farmers mark livestock with a brush; brush on rural medicines and antiseptics

Keep agricultural machinery lubricated; paint and touch-ups here and there; always at the ready with BruKon.
BruKon keeps the brushes from drying out between jobs and the hardware store seems to always be too far away from the farm!

20. Steel merchants apply anti-rust to raw steel and coolant to moving parts &

Saw blades using brushes in BruKon

21. Veterinarians can target specific areas with ointments and creams using large or smaller brushes in a BruKon

22. Graffiti removers use BruKon so they’ll always have a brush ready to go with a matching colour

because the best way to beat the taggers is to paint them over fast! They can’t stand it!

23. Florists use BruKon to brush on leaf coats, syringe-feed plant their nourishing food & beautify potted plants…

24. Handymen keep a few BruKon brush containers in the van or the shed for painting, rust-proofing or lubricating

Brush on contact adhesive (another brush throwaway normally) but now keep the brush moist, ready in a BruKon.

25. Cabinet makers you name it!

26. Fencers

Use BruKon to prime and paint wood, steel, corrugated iron etc.

27. Brickies

Clean excess mortar off feature brickwork using brushes

28. Fitters and turners

Use brushes and BruKon to keep their moving parts lubed

29. Crafters

Use Brukon for a variety of uses

30. Horticulturalists

Use BruKon to brush coatings & feed plants


BruKon’s revolutionary rubber lid grips and holds most Brush handles: from standard shapes to straight handled oval cutters etc.

Changing old habits!

Stop tossing brushes in a bucket overnight or letting them dry-out.
BruKon containers clean brushes better and keep them soft, using a fraction of the cleaning fluid and producing less waist. Brushes will last longer. It’s good for business and good for the planet.
The BruKon system can work with most any chemicals.
Storage: To store liquid inside a BruKon container without a brush, cover the top in cling wrap then put the cap back on over the top of the cling wrap. This eliminates evaporation & fumes for long term storage. Keep containers upright in a cool dry place out of children’s
reach, out of direct sunlight & clearly labelled.

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