The BruKon Way…

BruKon paint brush cleaning & storage containers are a “means to an end” they effectively reduce the amount of paint residue and waste solvents used and discarded.

Environmentally friendly and towards a sustainable eco-system

It must be obvious to us that discarding leftover paint residue, thinners, turpentine and the like down drains or landfill as is the case in some commercial situations as well as domestic painting is toxic. Paint-based chemical pollutants into our environment are from both DIY painters and industry.

With BruKon, cleaning is done with a simple shake, dunk or plunge, and the brush is clean. Left a little longer without movement, it allows the heavier paint residue particles to settle on the base of the BruKon brush container. This enables us to filter out and re-use the turps or cleaning fluid for recycling. Water-based acrylic left-over paint residue settles when the liquid is poured off, dries and results in a flaky powder, harmless & easy to dispose of.

BruKon brush containers are such a bright idea. The individual cells can contain different substances and types of solutions, and they even snap together to build a handy tool box set for easy transport and storage. Also, these are great for keeping fast drying acrylic brushes moist on rotation. Our BruKon 6 Pack is ideal for painting in the hot summer heat.

“ Organic Care” cleaning & maintaining your paint brushes- including- the method for waste control

Reducing environmental impacts relating to the manufacture and use of mineral turpentine and other solvents in Industry, Trade-and DIY, the principle of reducing and reusing are high in the waste management hierarchy.

– Reduce Reuse and then Recycle –

We all have a responsibility to the environment. And as part of an industry that produces different kinds of waste, we want to do our part in reducing the toxic materials being dumped into landfills. Hence, we created our natural paintbrush cleaner. With this innovative product, you too can protect the environment.

With the environment going through a crisis, small cumulative steps can serve as a giant leap towards a more sustainable future. That is why we created a product that is sure to not only make things easier when cleaning brushes, it also helps in reducing the damage caused by harmful chemicals.

If you choose our natural paint brush cleaner, not only will you help protect the environment, but you also save money by reusing turps or cleaning fluid. With this product, your brushes will be ready to be used again in no time. Just a rumble and tumble, and your brushes will be good to go.

Useful, handy, and efficient. What more could you want from a natural paintbrush cleaner? Don’t waste your time worrying about cleaning your brushes. With BruKon, you’ll get the cleaning you want without the guilt of producing toxic waste. What are you waiting for, grab a brush cleaner for yourself now!

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