BruKon saves paintbrushes, saves money!

Cleans brushes beautifully in minutes – no mess, no fuss and no power needed!

Who likes cleaning paint brushes? It’s the worst part of the job; incredibly messy and it takes forever to get all the paint out.

There has to be a simpler, cheaper way. And you’ve found it.

No mess, no fuss.

And if you don’t store your brushes correctly, they’re useless for the next job! Which means buying more brushes AGAIN.

It’s the easiest clean-up you’ll ever do

The Brukon Paint Brush Cleaner is a clean up revolution. All it takes is a cupful of water, turps or solvents, a good shake, and you’ve got a completely clean brush without even touching it. Sound impossible? The secret’s surprisingly simple… Developed by a professional painter, the Brukon Paint Brush Cleaner suspends your brush inside a specially designed container while the cleaning fluid draws the paint down the bristles, and lets the sediment settle at the bottom –away from the brush.

Stores Anywhere!

The natural process cleans brushes ready to use again in a few moments. Or in a few months. Because it’s not just a clever cleaner – it’s a smart storage container too. And it works just as well with acrylic or enamel paints. Brilliant!

BruKon New Developments

BruKon advances into the future!

Integrating new age materials & design
Technology making it even stronger and the very best it can be! Including our famous “snap” together design feature!
Originally designed for use with turps, spirits, citrus cleaners or water but now is even more durable, built with new age materials that withstand harsh solvents like Acetone, Lacquer & Epoxy thinners or even a brush restorer & paint stripper making it tough and “Built To Last”.

What people are saying about Brukon

I believe that your innovation has the potential to reduce the environmental impacts relating to the manufacture and use of mineral turpentine. The principle of reducing and reusing are high in the waste management hierarchy – reduce, reuse, then recycle.”

– Michelle O’Byrne

MP Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts Tasmanian State Government

We have your product in use for a number of years and are very pleased with same and have recommended it to lots of other painters here in Perth. Hope the Six Pack will become available in stores soon”

– Astro Painting Contractors

I have done a fair amount of house painting in recent weeks that required a brush, rather than rollers, and the BruKon Brush Container has been an excellent tool”

– Joshua Seidemann

Hi there, I bought one of these BruKon Brush Containers last year whilst we were renovating and it was a fantastic little piece of equipment. A must for anyone who has several paint jobs on at once. Cheers”

– Kate Redford

The BruKon Way… preventing toxic waste pollution

BruKon paint brush cleaner & storage containers are a “means to an end” they effectively reduce the amount of paint residue and waste solvents used and discarded.

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