The Brukon Brush Cleaner cleans brushes instantly & stores them Anywhere.

You don’t need power to run it – all it takes is a shake! The natural process cleans brushes ready to use again in a few moments.

But it’s not just a clever cleaner – it’s a smart storage container too. The sturdy rubber lid keeps brushes suspended, soft, supple and ready to use indefinitely. Your paint brushes will last longer. And they’ll actually be cleaner. And it works just as well with acrylic or enamel paints. Brilliant!

How’s this for simple?

The Brukon Brush Cleaner is so simple and so effective, you’ll wonder why nobody’s thought of it before. And using it is even easier:

  1. just lubricate the brush handle and slide on a collarwasher, followed by the rubber suspension lid,
  2. pour about a cup of water or turps into the container – enough to touch the bottom of the bristles,
  3. lower the brush into the container and press the lid into place

REMEMBER: Don’t drown your brush! Only the bristle tips need to be in contact with the fluid for the container to do its job

Now shake it baby!

There are 3 ways to clean your brush:

  1. shake it backward and forward
  2. shake it left to right
  3. slide the brush up and down inside the container

Don’t shake the container up and down as a little fluid might escape. The bristles act like a wick, drawing the fluid up into the brush, and releasing the paint particles. The paint sludge settles at the bottom of the container, away from the bristles. The beauty of the design means brushes effectively clean themselves.

Brukon cleans your brushes as you drive home

The individual containers snap together easily to form a stable set – and their unique design keeps brushes safely out of paint sludge, whether its in the back shed or the back of a van. Plus because each unit holds its own fluid, you can clean and store acrylic and enamel-covered brushes at the same time, side by side. You’ll save on materials like turps, and you’ll slash one of your biggest ongoing costs – new brushes. All for the cost of a six pack!

Tradies! Get a six pack and clean up your act

If you’re a professional painter with several sets of brushes going at the same time, the Brukon six pack will save you money and time – and reduce the mess created by cleaning up on site. Just pack your brushes straight into your six pack when you finish a job and stow it straight in the van. Then let the drive home do the cleaning for you.

Save time, save money, save the planet

Brukon Brush Cleaners don’t use power, and they don’t cost the earth. So they’ll save you a lot more than just dollars:

  • Unlike other products on the market, the only energy they need to function is a simple shake.
  • At around half the cost of a decent new brush, Brukon pays for itself the next time you re-use your brushes.
  • Each unit comes with a rubber lid and two complementary rubber washers to ensure you get the most from your purchase.
  • They’re even cheaper by the half-dozen! A Brukon Six-Pack costs about the same as, well, a six pack!
  • You only need a small amount of cleaning fluid to deliver a thoroughly clean brush, so you use less harmful chemicals and produce less waste
  • Brushes remain soft and supple time after time after time – so you save on new brushes

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